We're OK Children's Booklet/Journal

We're OK Choldren's Bokklet/Journal


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Approx 5x8 ,  Stapled Booklet

We're O.K is a book dedicated to helping children communicate their feelings about the fire.

The letters O and K are two fridge magnets that were the first to discover the fires from their view out their kitchen window. The two instantly knew what they must do! They had to save their friend the shiny spoon, who in fear, just laid down and stared up at the moon. They stuck him to their magnet backs and whistled to the old coat rack...

Join O and K as they gather their friends, guide them to safety and proclaim, "We're O.K! And remember, O and K want YOU to be O.K. too!
This book contains 2 poems, 4 tough questions about the fire, journal pages, stickers, 1 bookmark and 1 Mini We're O.K. magnet.


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Cynthia Phipps

Marlene Ortiz Smith

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We're OK Children's Booklet/Journal

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