Sunrise to Sunset

About the author

Aaron Locks has spent his entire adult life as an entrepreneur. He cherishes his role as a father, coach, CEO, author, speaker and trainer. His background includes working with some of the most famous sports coaches, professional athletes and studied philosophies on how to become successful in business, athletics and life. One of Aaron’s major life influences comes from his time working with legendary basketball coach John Wooden. Those that know coach Wooden know that he was incredible basketball coach, however, he is equally known for his depth of teaching and philosophies about living your best life. The philosophical influence that coach Wooden had on Aaron is evident in his daily teachings and his company, The National Academy of Athletics. Aaron has been called a motivational speaker, but he prefers to be known as a life coach and trainer. His goal is to do more than just motivate. He wants to help inspire people to live a better life and is willing to not only motivate them, but help give them tools that will help guide their way. Aaron’s mother, Renee Locks, is known worldwide for her wonderful blend of quotes, painting and calligraphy. Seems as though the apple did not fall far from the tree.

About the book

For the past two decades, Aaron Locks, has been sharing his experiences through inspirational quotes and their interpretations to help his family, friends, employees and followers to gain perspective and clarity. Many of us love to read motivational quotes as they can help make us feel inspired. But how great would it be to not only have the quote, but the opportunity to understand what the author was feeling and what the words mean to them. Sunrise to Sunset is a collection of Aaron’s thoughts and reflections. It is specifically designed to help the reader do more than just feel good in the moment, it can be used as a guide to develop their own philosophies and inspirations. It is much more that just a book of quote

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Sunrise to Sunset

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