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This book gives an over-all view of why you would not want to accept a smart meter on your home and why— if
you already have one — you should do everything in your power to have it removed.
Chapter Headings Include: Introduction; what is a smart meter; costs and accuracy of the meters; unconstitutionality of
the meters; harmful effects on health of smart meters and harmful effects of other forms of RF technology such as cell
phones and cell phone towers; safety and security; attack on freedom, privacy and Big brother seeking to control our lives;
what individuals and neighborhoods are doing to fight smart meters; resolutions and ordinances against smart meters and
cell phones; legal actions and law suits; digging deeper – who and what are behind smart meters and smart grids and
why?; most recent actions by property owners; appendix and references

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JustSayNO to Big Brother's Smart Meters by Orlean Koehle Softbnd

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