Hidden C's of Common Core - Soft Bound

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"Orlean Koehle has done it again!  Another amazing book!  Through detailed research, she has laid out a compelling case for complete rejection of Common Core from both a legal and ethical standpoint."

Attorney Brad Dacus, Founder and President of Pacific Justice Institute, Civil Liberties and Parental Rights Advocates

"The first chapter alone is a must read for parents and others to understand what is happening to the public schools under Common Core.  The book offers much truthful information in place of the myths and misinformation from the education establishment repeated by a gullible media."

Sandra Stotsky, Professor Emerita, who was on the validation committee for Common Core and refused to sign off on the standards.

"Orlean Koehle's diligence in her research and incredible sttention to detail has turned out another "Common Core essential" for parents, teachers, and ativists alike.  Here is a fully referenced volume of resources that most people, searching for truth, would appreciate.  This book is Common Core 401 at your fingertips."

Katherine O'Neal Duran, Co-founder of Concerned Parents of Elk Grove, the 'suspended mother', who received national notoriety and was on the Glenn Beck show because she was suspended from her son's school for two weeks.  The principal was upset with her because her son was handing out opt out forms to his friends to opt out.



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Hidden C's of Common Core - Soft Bound

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