Coach's Best Friend - Basketball
The Coach's Best Friend is a sequence of books designed to help coaches and parents of young players learn the fundamentals of their sport and life in a fun and positive manner. In this time where sports tend to be over-coached and under-taught… too much focus on wins and losses… I believe there needs to be an adjustment to the way it is presented to our youth. 

As in life, youth sports are a complex combination of rules, skills and philosophies. The games have been around for many years and are constantly changing. The only thing about youth sports that remains constant is the passion that it provokes from players, coaches and fans.

That is why I am presenting you with the Coach’s Best Friend. These books derive from the lessons learned from many years of working with the best coaches int he nation including John Wooden, Pat Riley, Dusty Baker, Don Nelson and more. The journey of coaching kids is amazing and I will share with you the secrets that have helped me and my programs to have a positive change on over 125,000 children's lives.
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Coach's Best Friend - Basketball

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